Dragana Georgijevic
Enterprise Data Analytics in the Cloud

Abstract: Primary characteristics of the modern industries are dynamism, complexity and competitiveness. In order to answer constant market preasure, industries have evolved and data has become the main source of growth for every business. Therefore Enterprise Analytics is essensial for data-driven organisation. Still, Enterprise Analytics is facing it's own challenges. On one side Enterprise Analytics is evolving from descriptive and diagnostic to predictive, prescriptive and cognitive. On the other side, with extensive use of IoT, data is expending, hence agility and processing speed is crucial. In this talk we are presenting how cloud analytics answers all those challenges and why cloud analytics is prefferable implementation for enterprise analytics.

Biographical note: Dragana Georgijevic is an Enterprise Data Architect, at Brisbane City Council, Australia. Throughout her professional work as a Business Intelligence Specialist, she gained a vast experience in business intelligence spanning over 20 years. Her knowledge and experience was demonstrated in various proffessional roles in Government, Gaming, Financial, Banking, Mining, Retailer, Telecommunications and Pharmaceutical sectors. With a passion for continuous learning and development, Dragana completed a Master of Science in Informatics, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Microsoft Certifications MCSA, MCPD, MCTS, and MCP. She co-founded Neoplanta Solutions and suports Women in Technology.