Keynote Speakers

Bernard Jim Jansen

Principal Scientist, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar
Professor, College of Science and Engineering, Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar

Dr. Jim Jansen has authored or co-authored 300 or so research publications and over 23,000 citations, with articles appearing in a multi-disciplinary range of journals and conferences. He is author of the book, Understanding Sponsored Search: A Coverage of the Core Elements of Keyword Advertising (Cambridge University Press), author of the book Understanding User - Web Interactions Via Web Analytics, co-author of the book, Web Search: Public Searching of the Web, and co-editor of the book Handbook of Research on Weblog Analysis. Dr. Jansen is a ACM Distinguished Speaker.

Dr. Jansen is a Principal Scientist in the social computing group of the Qatar Computing Research Institute, and a professor with the College of Science and Engineering, Hamad bin Khalifa University, and an adjunct professor with the College of Information Sciences and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University. He is a graduate of West Point and has a Ph.D. in computer science from Texas A&M University, along with master degrees from Texas A&M (computer science) and Troy State (international relations). Dr. Jim Jansen served in the U.S. Army as an Infantry enlisted soldier and communication commissioned officer. Professor Jim Jansen is editor-in-chief of the journal, Information Processing & Management (Elsevier), a member of the editorial boards of seven international journals, former editor-in-chief of the journal, Internet Research (Emerald), and he has served on the research committee for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). He has received several awards and honors, including an ACM Research Award, six application development awards and a university-level teaching award, along with other writing, publishing, research, teaching, and leadership honors.

Professor Jansen has served as a Senior Fellow at the Pew Research Center with the Pew Internet and American Life Project and a university expert with the National Ground Intelligence Center. Dr. Jansen has done several consulting projects (log analysis, statistical analysis) and expert witness cases (patent litigation, civil litigation, and class action suits). Dr. Jansen has served as an expert witness in several areas, including: SEO expert witness, keyword advertising expert witness, search engine optimization expert witness, search engine marketing expert witness, website traffic expert witness, Google AdWords expert witness, online trademark expert witness, and click fraud expert witness, and other related areas.