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Paper ID Authors,Ttitle
2 Nevena Ranković, Dragica Ranković, Mirjana Ivanović and Ljubomir Lazić. Artificial Neural Network Architecture and Orthogonal Arrays in Estimation of Software Projects Efforts
5 Hatice Vildan Dudukcu, Murat Taskiran and Zehra Gulru Cam Taskiran. Comprehensive Comparison of LSTM Variations for the Prediction of Chaotic Time Series
6 Diana Maria Montoya Quintero and Olga Lucia Larrea Serna. 3D Application to find the Efficiency in Production Process.
7 Tatjana Zec, Aleksandar Kartelj, Marko Djukanovic, Milana Grbic and Dragan Matic. Statistical analysis of correlation between weather parameters and new COVID-19 cases: a case study of Bosnia and Herzegovina
9 Alim Kerem Erdoğmuş and Uğur Yayan. Virtual Robotic Laboratory Compatible Mobile Robots for Education and Research
10 Gozde Yolcu Oztel. Vision-based Road Segmentation for Intelligent Vehicles using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
11 Hatice Vildan Dudukcu, Murat Taskiran and Tulay Yildirim. Consolidated or individual training: Which one is better for blood glucose prediction?
12 Ehsan Nasiri, Mariofanna Milanova and Ardalan Nasiri. Video Surveillance Framework Based On Real-Time Face Mask Detection and Recognition
13 Doğukan Arslan and Gülşen Eryiğit. Evaluation of Wizard-of-Oz and Self-Play Data Collection Techniques for Turkish Goal-Oriented Dialogue Agents
15 Özlem Altınay and Berna Örs. Instruction Extension of RV32I and GCC Back End for Ascon Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm
16 Merve Tunçer, Mehmet Fahri Bilici and Gülşen Eryiğit. Development of Goal-Oriented Dialogue Systems forCustomer Services in Automotive Industry
17 Rafat Ashraf Joy. Fine Tuning the Prediction of the Compressive Strength of Concrete : A Bayesian Optimization Based Approach
18 Alexandra Baicoianu and Andreea Mathe. Diagnose Bearing Failures With Machine Learning Models
19 Serhat Çolak and Keziban Orman. Aggregating Time Windows for Dynamic Network Extraction
20 Tri-Hai Nguyen, Luong Vuong Nguyen and Jason Jung. Cooperative Negotiation-based Traffic Control for Connected Vehicles at Signal-Free Intersection
21 Tarek Belabed, Alexandre Quenon, Vitor Ramos Gomes da Silva, Carlos A. Valderrama Sakuyama and Chokri Souani. Full Python Interface Control: Auto Generation And Adaptation of Deep Neural Networks For Edge Computing and IoT Applications FPGA-Based Acceleration
22 Joni Salminen, Juan Corporan, Soon-Gyo Jung and Bernard Jansen. Taking Back Control of Social Media Feeds with Take Back Control
25 Rajasekaran S. Senior Citizen Care Using Micro Expression Analysis on Live Elderly Video (MEA-LEV)
28 Melih Yayla, Mustafa Diyar Demirkol and Saed Alqaraleh. CNN vs. LSTM for Turkish Text Classification
29 Sashank Sridhar and Sowmya Sanagavarapu. Analysis and Prediction of Bitcoin Price using Bernoulli RBM-based Deep Belief Networks
31 Alexandra Vultureanu-Albiși and Costin Bădică. Recommender Systems: An Explainable AI Perspective
32 Oğuzkağan AliÇ and Ümmühan BaŞaran Fİlİk. A Multi-objective Energy Management of Residential HVAC Loads
33 Bülent Bilgehan and Lara Kayed. Generalized Probability Distribution Function for Wireless Biomedical Sensors
34 Awf Abd and Muhammet Baykara. Feature Extraction Approach Based on Statistical Methods and Wavelet Packet Decomposition for Emotion Recognition using EEG Signals
35 Özlem Polat. Detection of Pediatric Pneumonia from X-Ray Images using ResNet50 and GAL Networks
36 Ozgur Ugur, Ali Atilla Arisoy, Murat Can Ganiz and Berkay Bolac. Descriptive and Prescriptive Analysis of Construction Site Incidents Using Decision Tree Classification and Association Rule Mining
43 Soukaina Nai, Amal Rifai and Abdelalime Sadiq. Proposal of an IT system for a participatory strategy of the tutoring
45 Cansu Cav, Aslinur Colak and Nilgun Fescioglu-Unver. Adaptive Traffic Signal Control to Reduce Delay Time at a Single Intersection Point
49 Canan Batur Şahİn. Improving Software Vulnerability Detection Using Dendritic Cell Algorithm based on Clock-Work Recurrent Neural Network
50 Burcu Oltu, Büşra Kübra Karaca, Tansel Uyar and Didem Sakaryalı Uyar. Detection of Occlusal Plaque and Caries using Fuzzy C Means Based Segmentation Algorithm
53 Faton Kabashi, Halil Snopçe, Lejla Abazi-Bexheti and Lamir Shkurti. The Cases of Coronavirus in Prizren Region
54 Yavuz Çapkan, Can Bülent Fidan and Halis Altun. Robotic Arm Guided by Deep Neural Networks and New Knowledge-Based Edge Detector for Pick and Place Applications
57 Hedi Siamand Azat, Boran Sekeroglu and Kamil Dimililer. A Pre-study on the Layer Number Effect of Convolutional Neural Networks in Brain Tumor Classification
58 Kamil Dimililer and Boran Sekeroglu. The Effect of Discrete Cosine Transform on COVID-19 Differentiation from Chest X-Ray Images: A Preliminary Study
60 Mehmet Korkmaz. Human-Aware Dynamic Path Planning
61 Okkes Tolga Altinoz. Evolving model for synchronous weapon target assignment problem
62 Ali Can Karaca, İbrahim Uçurmak and Mehmet Kemal Güllü. Efficient Resolution Enhancement of JPEG2000 Compressed Multispectral Images Using Deep Super-resolution Methods
63 Josphat Chege Njuguna, Emre Alabay, Anıl Çelebi, Aysun Taşyapı Çelebi and Mehmet Kemal Güllü. Field Programmable Gate Arrays Implementation of Two-Point Nonuniformity Correction and Bad Pixel Replacement Algorithms
64 Temoor Muther, Fahad I. Syed, Amirmasoud K. Dahaghi and Shahin Neghabhan. Subsurface Physics Inspired Neural Network to Predict Shale Oil Recovery under the Influence of Rock and Fracture Properties
68 Safa Yasin Müjdeci, Dima Alnahas, Mehmet Öcal, Nevcihan Duru and Bayram Tüccar. Hyperparameter Optimization for Black-Litterman Model via Genetic Algorithms
69 Gülsüm Yiğit and Mehmet Fatih Amasyali. Simple but effective GRU variants
70 Emre Dandıl and Mehmet Süleyman Yıldırım. A Mask R-CNN based Approach for Automatic Lung Segmentation in Computed Tomography Scans
71 Sarah Younes, Manel Khelifi, Ahmed Alioua and Ismahane Souici. EKF-GPSR: An Extended Kalman Filter forEfficient Routing in Vehicular Networks
72 Selçuk Aslan and Sercan Demirci. Performance Investigation of Parallel Immune Plasma Algorithm
73 Sadat Duraki, Selçuk Aslan and Sercan Demirci. Performance Analysis of Immune Plasma Algorithm with Different Donor-Receiver Configurations
75 Devrim Kayali, Kamil Dimililer and Boran Sekeroglu. Face Mask Detection and Classification for COVID-19 using Deep Learning
76 Emre Şatır and Hasan Bulut. A Novel Hybrid Approach to Improve Neural Machine Translation Decoding using Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
77 Hüseyin Fuat Alsan, Ekrem Yıldız, Ege Burak Safdil, Furkan Arslan and Taner Arsan. Multimodal Retrieval with Contrastive Pretraining
79 Nazrin Abbasli and Murat Can Ganiz. Log and Execution Trace Analytics System
81 Ons Meddeb, Mohsen Maraoui and Mounir Zrigui. Deep Learning based Semantic Approach for Arabic Textual Documents Recommendation
86 Azeem Shera, M.Waseem Iqbal, Muhammad Raza Naqvi, M.Hasnain Sajjad, Abdul Rehman Shafqat and M.Mohsin Saeed. Usability Evaluation of Blind and Visually Impaired Interface in Solving the Accessibility Problems
88 Atakan Kurt and Ishak Dolek. Ottoman OCR: Printed Naskh Font
89 Dino Aljević, Ljupčo Todorovski and Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić. Extractive Text Summarization Based on Selectivity Ranking
91 Adnen Mahmoud and Mounir Zrigui. Arabic Semantic Textual Similarity Identification based on Convolutional Gated Recurrent Units
92 Nisseb Bergaoui and Sonia Ayechi Ghannouchi. A new model for an agile adaptive learning process: A questionnaire for evaluating its added value.
96 Niloufar Mehrabi and Elnaz Pashaei. Application of Horse Herd Optimization Algorithm for medical problems
97 Ilgin Gokasar and Alperen Timurogullari. Real-Time Prediction of Traffic Density with Deep Learning Using Computer Vision and Traffic Event Information
98 Kübra Nilgün Karaca and Aydın Çetin. Botnet Attack Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks in the IoT Environment
107 Kadir Can Cetin, H. Irem Turkmen and M. Amac Guvensan. N-Gram Based Transport Mode Detection Models for Energy Constrained Devices
111 Erhan Akan, Erdem Akagündüz and İbrahim Baran Uslu. A Data Collection System Design for Hand Gestures
113 Muskaan Beriwal and Sarvesh Agrawal. Techniques for Suicidal Ideation Prediction: a Qualitative Systematic Review
114 Stella Dumenčić, Sebastian Tschauner, Franko Hržić and Ivan Štajduhar. Automatic extraction of multiple-study X-ray images
116 Waqar Tanveer and Muhammad Habib Mahmood. Unsupervised Person Re-Identification based on Feature Learning of Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network
118 Traian Lavric, Emmanuel Bricard, Marius Preda and Titus Zaharia. Exploring Low Assistance Visual Assets for Conveying Assembly Instructions in AR
119 Ramazan Terzi and Nuh Azgınoğlu. A Novel Pipeline on Medical Object Detection for Bias Reduction: Preliminary Study for Brain MRI
122 Zeynep Hilal Kİlİmcİ and Derya Othan. Stock Market Prediction with New Generation Deep Contextualized Word Representations and Deep Learning Models using User Sentiments
124 Azer Çelikten, Aybars Uğur and Hasan Bulut. Keyword Extraction from Biomedical Documents Using Deep Contextualized Embeddings
129 Burak Tağtekin, Berkan Höke, Mert Kutay Sezer and Mahiye Uluyağmur Öztürk. FOGA: Flag Optimization with Genetic Algorithm
133 Abbas Memiş, Songül Varlı and Fuat Bilgili. Automatic Classification of the Waldenstrom Stages of Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease from the 2D Total Proximal Femur Shape Deformity
134 Mustafa Öztürk and Enver Çavuş. Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imaginary using a Miniature CNN Architecture
135 Ugur Erkan, Abdurrahim Toktas and Feyza Toktas. A Novel Euler Chaotic Map for Image Encryption
136 Mert Çetinkaya and Tankut Acarman. Driver Activity Recognition Using Deep Learning and Human Pose Estimation
137 Fábio Santos, Filipe Silva and Petia Georgieva. Out of Training Distribution Detection for Multi-Class Skin Lesion Diagnosis
138 Ahmet Basli, Cagrim Kahraman, Bahar Ates and Anil Celebi. Field Programmable Gate Arrays Based Automotive Video Processing and Distribution System
139 Ali Serener and Sertan Serte. Glaucoma classification via deep learning ensembles
140 Sertan Serte and Ali Serener. Classification of COVID-19 and pleural effusion on chest radiographs using CNN fusion
141 Khadidja Chettah and Amer Draa. A Discrete Differential Evolution Algorithm for Extractive Text Summarisation
142 Mustafa Ayyıldız and Umut Tilki. Fault Tolerant Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots Using Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller
144 Caner Gezgez and Elif Kaçar. Virtual Character Control by Brain-Computer Interface and Comparison of Performance Metrics
146 Alperen Yılmaz, Gizem Nur Uzun, Mustafa Zahid Gürbüz and Oğuzhan Kıvrak. Detection and Breed Classification Of Cattle Using YOLO v4 Algorithm
147 Safa Chebbi, Sara Sekkate, Sofia Ben Jebara and Abdellah Adib. On the use of MFCC and SWT-based features for offensive speech detection in social media
148 Coşku Öksüz, Oğuzhan Urhan and Mehmet Kemal Güllü. Ensemble-LungMaskNet: Automated Lung Segmentation using Ensembled Deep Encoders
151 Ahmet Bağcı and Mehmet Fatih Amasyalı. Comparison of Turkish Paraphrase Generation Models
152 Mehmed Taha Aras and Mehmet Amaç Güvensan. Challenges and Key Points for Fraud Detection in Aviation
153 Selim Erdem Çamlıoğlu, Sümeyya İlkin and Adnan Sondaş. Performance Analysis of the Lesion Area Clustering Process From Dermatological Images in Embedded Systems
154 Ciprian Gabriel Cusmuliuc, Stefan Claudiu Susan, Bianca Demetra Chirica and Adrian Iftene. News identification metric for classification prefiltering
155 Lucia Georgiana Coca, Adrian Iftene and Tudor Manoleasa. Asphalt crack identification experiments using convolutional networks
157 Janielle Antiporta, Carlo Coste, John Carlos Garro, Ariane Grace Hernandez, Mariela Pasamba and Roselito Tolentino. Recognizing Threat through Object and Gesture Recognition by Applying Convolutional Neural Network and Adaptive Boosting Algorithm Using Microsoft Kinect for Xbox One
158 Ersoy Kelebekler. Monitoring and recording system of laboratory environmental conditions as ISO/IEC 17025 requirement
159 Fábio Santos, Filipe Silva and Petia Georgieva. Transfer Learning for Skin Lesion Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks
160 Omar Ali, Alexander Gegov, Ella Haig and Rinat Khusainov. Light Syntax Parsing and Fuzzy Systems for Rhetorical Structure Theory Text Segmentation
161 Ercan Avsar. Effects of Image Preprocessing on the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks for Pneumonia Detection
162 Asli Çelİk, Ayhan KÜÇÜkmanİsa, Aydin SÜmer, Aysun TaŞyapi Çelebİ and OĞuzhan Urhan. LCD Pixel Defect Detection using Shallow CNN Based Approach
163 Barış Bulut, Hasan Burak Ketmen, Ali Serdar Atalay, Oğuzhan Herkiloğlu and Riku Salokangas. An Arrowhead and Mimosa Based IoT Framework with an Industrial Predictive Maintenance Application
165 Görkem GÜlmez, Kübra Cebbar, Seda Kul and Ahmet Sayar. A Framework for Using Contactless Technologies in Operating Rooms
166 Tayyip Mert Denizgez, Orçun Kamiloğlu, Seda Kul and Ahmet Sayar. Guiding Visually Impaired People to Find an Object by Using Image to Speech over the Smart Phone Cameras
168 Ceren Keskin and Mehmet Amaç Güvensan. Traffic Hyperparameters for Long-Term Traffic Forecasting
171 Peter Anthony, Betul Ay and Galip Aydin. A Review of Face Anti-spoofing Methods for Face Recognition Systems
174 Vuong Van Pham, Amirmasoud Kalantari Dahaghi, Shahin Negahban, William Fincham and Aydin Babakhani. Intelligent Approach in Smart Microchip Proppants Data Processing for Complex Hydraulic Fractures Diagnostic
177 Musaev Javokhir, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen and Dosam Hwang. Image channel as an input method for deep learning ensemble
178 Kiril Alexiev and Hristina Topalova. ECG pulse train analysis
179 Cansu Özkan and Kaya Oguz. Selecting Emotion Specific Speech Features to Distinguish One Emotion from Others
181 Kemal Ünal Akdemir and Ersin Alaybeyoğlu. Classification of Red Mullet, Bluefish and Haddock Caught in the Black Sea by "Single Shot Multibox Detection"
184 Egemen Belge, Recep Fatih Cantekin, Berna Erol, Volkan Akgül, Seda Karadeniz Kartal, Rıfat Hacıoğlu, Kurtuluş Sedar Görmüş, Şenol Hakan Kutoğlu and Kemal Leblebicioğlu. Sensor Fusion Based on Integrated Navigation Data of Sea Surface Vehicle with Machine Learning Method
185 Alperen Ateş, Oğuzhan Coşan, Bensu Değirmenci, Halit Ergezer and Mert Özgehan. Controller Design for Quadrotor-Slung Load System with Swing Angle Constraints Using Particle Swarm Optimization
186 Fatih Karpat, Onur Can Kalay, Ahmet Emir Dirik, Oğuz Doğan, Burak Korcuklu and Celalettin Yüce. Convolutional Neural Networks Based Rolling Bearing Fault Classification Under Variable Operating Conditions
187 Hasan Zan and Abdulnasır Yıldız. Sleep Arousal Detection Using One Dimensional Local Binary Pattern-Based Convolutional Neural Network
188 Daniel-Avram Pop and Adrian Sterca. Automatic summarization of New Testament exegesis texts
190 Ferhat Arat and Sercan Demirci. A Novel Objective Function for Frequency Switching Cost Aware RPL Algorithm
192 Bilge Yilmaz, Ercan AtagÜn, Fadime ÖĞÜlmÜŞ Demİrcan and İbrahim YÜcedaĞ. Classification of Pressure Ulcer Images with Logistic Regression
195 Mustafa Emre Yilmaz and Burcu Erkmen. Advanced Lane Line Detection Using Heterogeneous Embedded Computing
198 Furkan Goz, Fehmi Sener, Alev Mutlu, Kerem Kucuk and Mahir Temur. Learning to Rank for Text Summarization: Revisiting the Features and Methods for Turkish Bank Documents
199 Meryem Uzun-Per, Ahmet Volkan Gürel, Ali Burak Can and Mehmet Aktas. An Approach to Recommendation Systems Using Scalable Association Mining Algorithms on Big Data Processing Platforms: A Case Study in Airline Industry
200 Vasileios Lagios, Isidoros Perikos, Foteini Grivokostopoulou and Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis. Handwritten Word Recognition using Deep Learning Methods
201 Sebastian Ciobanu. Fixed Representatives and Variable Features: From Regularized Deep Clustering to Classic Clustering
202 Ali Alper Demir, İbrahim Özşeker and Ufuk Özkaya. Text Line Segmentation in Handwritten Documents with Generative Adversarial Networks
203 Ercan CoŞgun, Anıl Çelebİ and M.Kemal GÜllÜ. A Channel Selection Method for Epilepsy Seizure Prediction
204 Ali Başer and Mustafa Sert. Permeability Estimation for Natural State Modeling of Geothermal Fields with Machine Learning
206 Lahcen El Bouny, Mohammed Khalil and Abdellah Adib. Convolutional Denoising Auto-Encoder Based AWGN Removal From ECG Signal
207 Mouad Riyad, Mohammed Khalil and Abdellah Adib. Hyperparameter Bayesian Optimisation applied to ConvNets for Motor Imagery tasks
208 Siham Akil, Sara Sekkate and Abdellah Adib. Feature selection based on machine learning for credit scoring : An evaluation of filter and embedded methods
211 Manel Khelifi and Samira Moussaoui. ReLM: An Efficient Reinforcement Learning-Based Localization Algorithm for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
212 Sanghyun Lee, Bonghee Hong and Woochan Kim. A trajectory synthesis of free moving objects for continuous queries
215 Tuba Saltürk and Nihan Kahraman. Effects of Environmental Factors on EEG Based Biometric Recognition
217 Afsana Ahsan Jeny, Masum Shah Junayed, Md Baharul Islam, Hassan Imani and A. F. M. Shahen Shah. Machine Vision-based Expert System for Automated Cucumber Diseases Recognition and Classification
218 Mücahit Oturak and Erkan Dursun. A Cost-Effective IoT Based Smart Home Application
219 Masum Shah Junayed, Md Baharul Islam, Arezoo Sadeghzadeh and Tarkan Aydin. Real-Time YOLO-based Heterogeneous Front Vehicles Detection