Accepted papers

A combinatorial approach to construct core and generic gene co-expression networks of colon cancer
Mustafa Özgür Cingiz, Göksel Biricik and Banu Diri

A Deep Spiking Machine-Hearing System for the case of Invasive Fish Species
Kostantinos Demertzis, Lazaros Iliadis and Vardis Dimitrios Anezakis

A framework for improving process robustness with quantification of uncertainties in Industry 4.0
Cinzia Giannetti

A Hybrid Latent Dirichlet Allocation Approach for Topic Classification
Chi-I Hsu and Chaochang Chiu

A hybrid optimization method to improve driver’s comfort
Kornel Warwas and Szymon Tengler

A Lattice Theoretic Look: A Negated Approach to Adjectival (Intersective, Neutrosophic and Private) Phrases
Selçuk Topal and Florentin Smarandache

A Methodology for Improving Complex Sales Success in CRM Systems
Doru Rotovei and Viorel Negru

A Multi-Biometric Recognition System Based On Deep Features of Face and Gesture Energy Image
Onur Can Kurban, Ahmet Bilgiç and Tülay Yildirim

A New Approach for Recognizing Activities in Smart Environments Based on Cooperative Game Theory
Elaheh Ordoni, Ali Moeini and Kambiz Badie

A New Approach to Zone Identification Based on Considering Features with High Semantic Richness
Kambiz Badie, Nasrin Asadi and Maryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi

A Novel Approach for People Counting and Tracking from Crowd Video
Merve Ayyuce Kizrak Sagun and Bulent Bolat

A robust genetic programming model for a dynamic portfolio insurance strategy
Siamak Dehghanpour and Akbar Esfahanipour

Adapting code maintainability to bat-inspired test case prioritization
Muhammed Maruf ÖztÜrk

Adaptive Phasor Estimation Technique During Off-Nominal Frequency
Omar Sami Thiab, Lukasz Nogal and Ryszard Kowalik

An Improved Algorithm for Mining Frequent Inter-Transaction Patterns
Thanh-Ngo Nguyen, Loan T.T. Nguyen and Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen

An Incremental Mining Algorithm for Erasable Itemsets
Tzung-Pei Hong, Kun-Yi Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin and Bay Vo

Analysis of Dynamic Service Oriented Systems for Security Related Problems Detection
Grzegorz Kolaczek and Jolanta Mizera-Pietraszko

Applying Map-Reduce to imbalanced data classification
Magdalena Zakrzewska, Joanna Jedrzejowicz, Jakub Neumann and Piotr Synowczyk

Assessing the Quality of a Consensus Determined Using a Multi-level Approach
Adrianna Kozierkiewicz-Hetmanska and Marcin Pietranik

Association ACDT as a tool for discovering the financial data rules
Jan Kozak and Przemyslaw Juszczuk

Associative Memory based on Network Dynamics
Chung-Ming Ou

Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy risk estimation of the ship system failures based on the expert judgments
Hoang Nguyen

Audio Features Dedicated to the Detection of Arousal and Valence in Music Recordings
Jacek Grekow

Backward Chaining Inference as a Database Stored Procedure - the Experiments on Real-world Knowledge Bases
Roman Siminski and Tomasz Xieski

Basic clustering algorithms used for monitoring the processes of the ATM's OS
Michal Maliszewski and Urszula Boryczka

Chaotic Moth Swarm Algorithm
Ugur Güvenç, Serhat Duman and Yunus Hinislioglu

Comparison of Convolutional Neural Network Models for Food Image Classification
Gözde Özsert YIGIt and Buse Melis Özyildirim

Comparison of expert algorithms with machine learning models for real estate appraisal
Bogdan Trawinski

Comparison of similarity measures in context of rules clustering
Agnieszka Nowak - Brzezinska and Tomasz Rybotycki

Complex Neutrosophic Graphs of Type 1
Said Broumi, Assia Bakali, Mohamed Talea and Florentin Smarandache

Compositional Adaptation in Case – Based Reasoning based on the Semantic Relations between the Components in the Cases
Kambiz Badie and Maryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi

Computation of Shortest Path Problem in a Network with SV-Triangular Neutrosophic Numbers
Said Broumi, Assia Bakali, Mohamed Talea and Florentin Smarandache

Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network with Model Uncertainty for Semantic Segmentation
Shuya Isobe and Shuichi Arai

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Facial Expression Recognition
Aysegul Ucar

Distributed Image Retrieval with Color and Keypoint Features
Michal Lagiewka, Marcin Korytkowski and Rafal Scherer

Ensembling Approach for Time Series Analysis in Demand Forecasting
A. Okay Akyüz, Mitat Uysal, M. Ozan Uysal and Berna Atak Bülbül

Evaluating the Effect of Voting Methods on Ensemble-Based Classification
Florin Leon, Sabina Adriana Floria and Costin Badica

Evaluation of Agents' Management Impact on Performances in Coalition-Based Cooperation
Kaouther Bouzouita, Wided Lejouad Chaari and Moncef Tagina

Feature selection based on the rough set theory and dispersed system with dynamically generated disjoint clusters
Malgorzata Przybyla-Kasperek

Generalized Interval Valued Neutrosophic Graphs of First Type
Said Broumi, Assia Bakali, Mohamed Talea, Florentin Smarandache and Ali Hassan

Grade analysis for households segmentation based on energy usage patterns
Tomasz Zabkowski and Krzysztof Gajowniczek

Human Gait Recognition Based on Ground Reaction Forces in Case of Sport Shoes and High Heels
Marcin Derlatka

Influence of Social Communication on Content-Based Recommendation
Marcin Maleszka and Bernadetta Maleszka

Interactive 7-DOF motion controler of the oprerator arm (Exoarm 7-DOF)
Pawel Herbin and Miroslaw Pajor

Learning L1-Penalized Logistic Regressions with Smooth Approximation
Jacek Klimaszewski, Marcin Korzen and Michal Sklyar

Machine Learning Friendly Set Version of Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma
Mieczyslaw Klopotek

Mastering Strategies in a Board Game of Imperfect Information for Different Search Techniques
Michal Przybylski and Dariusz Król

Modeling and Querying Trajectories using Neo4j Spatial and TimeTree for Carpool Matching
Fuat Bakkal, Nurullah Samed Savaş, Süleyman Eken and Ahmet Sayar

Modeling Marshall Stability of Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Mixtures with ANFIS
Nihat Morova, Sebnem Karahancer, Ekinhan Eriskin, Sercan Serin, Serdal Terzi, Mehmet Saltan and Pinar Usta

Modeling of Unified Process Metamodel structure in Association-Oriented Database Metamodel: Flowing Resources and Transformation
Krystian Wojtkiewicz, Marek Krótkiewicz, Marcin Jodlowiec and Wojciech Hunek

Monthly Car Sales Prediction using Internet Word-of-Mouth (eWOM)
Chaochang Chiu and Chia-Houng Shu

Multi-criteria trajectory base path planning algorithm for a moving object in a dynamic environment
Agnieszka Lazarowska

Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for Outliers Detection
Lukasz Chomatek and Agnieszka Duraj

Music Emotion Analysis Using Semantic Embedding Recurrent Neural Networks
Jan Jakubik and Halina Kwasnicka

Neutrosophic application for decision logic in robot intelligent control systems.
Victor Vladareanu, Florentin Smarandache and Luige Vladareanu

Neutrosophic Critical Path Problem for Project Network
Mohamed Abdel-Baset, Mai Mohamed, Yongquan Zhou and Florentin Smarandache

On Sequential Selection of Attributes to be Discretized for Authorship Attribution
Grzegorz Baron

Operational Data Augmentation in Classifying Single Aerial Images of Animals
Emmanuel Okafor, Rik Smit, Lambert Schomaker and Marco Wiering

Opposition-Based Initialization and a Modified Pattern for Inertia Weight (IW) in PSO
Mehr Umer Farooq, Akhlaque Ahmad and Abdul Hameed

Outlier detection in medical data using linguistic summaries
Agnieszka Duraj

Outlier mining in rule-based knowledge bases
Agnieszka Nowak - Brzezinska

Performance Comparision of Different Momentum Techniques on Deep Reinforcement Learning
Mehmet Sarigül and Mutlu Avci

Prediction Markets as a Vital Part of Collective Intelligence
Rafal Palak and Ngoc Thanh Nguyen

Processing occlusions using elastic-net Hierarchical MAX model of the visual cortex
Ali Alameer, Patrick Degenaar and Kianoush Nazarpour

Ranking nodes by silentness
Soheil Ghanbari, Hasan Heydari and Ali Moeini

Real-time ground filtration method for the loader crane environment monitoring system using sparse LIDAR data
Karol Miadlicki, Miroslaw Pajor and Mateusz Saków

Reasoning and Communicative Strategies in a Model of Argument-Based Negotiation
Mare Koit

Resolving classical concurrency problems using adaptive conflictless scheduling
Mateusz Smolinski

Scattering of Acoustical Waves by a Hard Strip and Outlier Phenomenon
V. F. Emets and Jan Rogowski

SDP Algorithm for Network Reliability Evaluation
Petru Caşcaval and Sabina-Adriana Floria

Secure Integration of Multiprotocol Instant Massenger
Bala Sebastian and Tomasz Wasilczyk

Social semiotic aspects of Instagram Social network
Seyed Mohammadreza Mirsarraf, Hamidreza Shairi and Abotorab Ahmadpanah

Solution of fuzzy differential equations using fuzzy Sumudu Transforms
Raheleh Jafari and Sina Razvarz

Source-Target Mapping Model of Streaming Data Flow for Machine Translation
Jolanta Mizera-Pietraszko, Grzegorz Kolaczek and Ricardo Rodriguez-Jorge

Stacking and Rotation-based Technique for Machine Learning Classification with Data reduction
Ireneusz Czarnowski and Piotr Jedrzejowicz

Stereotyped Gesture Recognition: An Analysis between HMM and SVM
Marcos Yuzuru Camada, Jés Cerqueira and Antonio Marcus Lima

Testing the wide-sense stationarity of bandpass signals for underwater acoustic communications
Iwona Kochanska

The analysis of the low-cost flexibility corridors
Marek Dudek

The Effects of Different Wavelet Degrees on Epileptic Seizure Detection from EEG Signals
Gunes Ekim, Ayten Atasoy and Nuri Ikizler

The Evaluation of Heterogeneous Classifier Ensembles for Turkish Texts
Zeynep Hilal Kilimci, Selim Akyokuş and Sevinc Ilhan

The fuzzy properties of the ship control in collision situations
Mostefa Mohamed-Seghir

The Impact of Diversity on the Quality of Collective Prediction
Van Du Nguyen and Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen

The Stability Analysis of Bat Algorithm
Janusz Paplinski and Miroslaw Lazoryszczak

The Trust Value Calculating for Social Network Based on Machine Learning
Yuji Wang

Thermal Based Exploration for Search and Rescue Robots
Furkan Çakmak, Erkan Uslu, M. Fatih Amasyali and Sirma Yavuz

Towards Facts Extraction from Text in Polish Language
Tomasz Boinski and Adam Chojnowski

Under Question Cultural Boundaries: A Semiospheric Perspective Based on Enabling Aspects of Mythical Characters
Emilia Nercissians

Unsupervised Feature Selection using Reversed Correlation for Improved Medical Diagnosis
Agnieszka Wosiak and Danuta Zakrzewska

Using Mutual Information for Feature Selection in Programmatic Advertising
Michal Ciesielczyk

Using Neutrosophic Sets to Obtain PERT Three-Times Estimates in Project Management
Mai Mohamed, Mohamed Abdel-Baset, Abdel-Nasser Hussien and Florentin Smarandache