Prof. Kuo-Ming Chao
Big Open Linked Data

Abstract: It is a trend for the public organisations to digitalise and publish their large data set as open linked data to the public users for queries and other applications for further utilisations. Different users' queries with various frequencies over time create different workload patterns to the servers which cannot guarantee the QoS during peak usages. Materialisation is a well-known effective method to reduce peaks, but it is not used by semantic webs, due to frequently evolving schema. This research is able to estimate workloads based on previous queries, analyse and normalise their structures to materialize views, and map the queries to the views with populated data. By analysing how access patterns of individual views contribute to the overall system workload, the proposed model aims at selection of candidates offering the highest reduction of the peak workload. Consequently, rather than optimising all queries equally, a system using the new selection method can offer higher query throughput when it is the most needed, allowing for a higher number of concurrent users without compromising QoS during the peak usage. Finally, two case studies were used to illustrate to the proposed method.

Biographical note: Professor Kuo-Ming Chao's research interests include the areas of intelligent agents, service-oriented computing, cloud computing and big data etc. as well as their applications, such as energy efficiency management and green manufacturing etc.

He has over 200 refereed publications in books, journals, and conference proceedings. He is a co-founder and Editors-in-Chief of Service-Oriented Computing and Applications: A Springer Journal to promote Service-Oriented Computing. He is a member of editorial board for a number of international journals. In addition he is involved in a number of EU-funded projects as coordinator or work pack leader. He serves a number of international conferences by taking different responsibilities such as general chair for 2014 IEEE ICEBE, 10th IEEE ICEBE, 2010 IEEE conference CEC, programme chair for 2015 ICEBE, 2015 SOCA, 9th ICEBE, 2009 CEC and 2005 CSCWD, Track Chair for 2010-2012 AINA and others.